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Best Deep Fryer


Best Deep Fryer America’s Test Kitchen 2022

How about being your own best Colonel? Making your own KFC? Making chicken or any meat for that matter and have it exactly as tasty and tender as the real thing. Deep Fat Fryers are becoming very popular in more and more households. The following guidelines will help you buy the best Deep Fryer for you.

Best Deep Fryer
Best Deep Fryer America’s Test Kitchen 2022

How to do your own kitchen appliance reviews. How to select the best kitchen deep fryer. Kitchen appliance buying guides tend to only focus on one type or model. This buying guide shows you exactly what checkpoints to watch so you end up buying the best deep fryer.

Best Deep Fryer America’s Test Kitchen 2022


The oil vat should be removable so that you can easily pour the left-over oil into another container without spilling. Any parts of the deep fryer or accessories that hold oil or food should be submersible in water for easy cleaning or be dishwasher safe.

Mesh Filter

A mesh filter located inside the lid prevents the release of oil vapors and odors into your kitchen.


A deep fryer should be large enough to fry some popular larger items such as a whole chicken and be economical enough to deep fat fry smaller items such as a handful of mozzarella sticks and a single order of french fries. The smaller your deep fryer, the less oil youÂ’ll waste as well.


The seal should be tight to prevent any spillage. The basket should be able to be stored inside the sealed unit. The handle should be easily installed and remove to make storage easy as well. When selecting a fryer, consider the amount of space you have near an electrical outlet.

Safety features

Deep frying food involves working with oil at extremely high temperatures. Look for a fryer with a deep tank and a closable lid. Many models feature a basket that can be raised and lowered while the lid is closed. A clear glass window in the lid can help you watch your frying food without having to open the lid.

Some types also have a “breakaway” cord that attaches to the unit with magnets so that the cord will simply let go of the fryer if pulled or tripped over. This prevents having the fryer pulled from the counter and onto the floor.

Cool Touch Removable Handles

This feature lets you lift or lower the frying basket for safe operation by keeping the separate from the heat until you are ready to use it.

Temperature Control

Look for a fryer that has numerical temperature settings, rather than just low, medium, high, etc . An adjustable thermostat helps keep temperatures consistent.

Dual Zone Technology

This is a located beneath the heating element which prevents food from burning. This technology reduces odor and keeps oil clean, for tasty fried food every time.


The basket should allow you to cook small or large batches of fries or small deep fry items like egg rolls. The basket should fit firmly on the fryer. The holes in the fryer should be just small enough to let enough hot grease in and not let a lot of small food fall out.

Digital Timer

Allows you to accurately set and monitor cooking time, for perfectly fried food.

Recipe booklet

A deep frying recipe book is a must for any new fryer.


If the fryer is an “in the counter” model, the installation should allow for under counter installation as well as having the option for a lip on top of the counter. Most models will install with this lip. A template for cutting the counter with the proper dimensions is a must.

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