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Top 10 Best Kitchen Sponges of 2022

Cleaning dishes is not a fun activity for most people, especially if you have the wrong material. It is, however, not that easy to choose the right sponge as there are so many options on e-commerce websites. Therefore, I show you top 10 best kitchen sponges in 2022.

Nearly everyone uses a kitchen sponge, and it certainly belongs to the standard cleaning equipment, which makes us not to think any more about it at the time of purchase. Nonetheless, cleaning can be much easier and faster with the right material.

Furthermore, should you have some allergies, you definitely need to know the material it is made of to avoid getting red or itchy on your skin.

By following my guide and recommendations, you can easily choose a kitchen sponge that fits your needs without spending hours on the webshops comparing the different benefits and disadvantages of the sponges.

Best Kitchen Sponge 2022

It’s time to step into the individual products to assess their advantage and disadvantages. Let’s jump right into the best kitchen sponges reviews, and find out which one is the best for your kitchen.

1. Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Scrub Kitchen Sponge

Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Scrub Sponges, For Washing Dishes and Cleaning Kitchen, 6 Scrub Sponges

Scotch-Brite Non Sratch Scrub Sponges are giving you a lot of cleaning power while protecting your cookware, countertops, and dishes from scratches.

The brand is very popular in the US and many consumers prefer cleaning products from this company. This product is made from 100 percent recycled material. Therefore you are supporting the environment when purchasing this item.

You can sanitize the sponges by putting them into the dishwasher. This allows you to reuse them multiple times instead of replacing them often. Thus, you can both save a lot of money and reduce waste.


  • Sponge made out of cellulose which is the best material
  • Very long-lasting and durable sponges
  • Don’t get spoiled as soon as other sponges


  • The confusing label about the number of sponges packed inside

2. Silicone Magical Kitchen Sponge

Multipurpose Silicone Dish Sponge | Washing Fruit Vegetables| Clean the head | Silicone Cup Mats |Kitchen Cleaning Scrubber | silicone dish scrubber-2 Pack (Green:3PC)

Unlike most other sponges, this one is made exclusively from silicone. This material is able to cope with the heat of up to 500-degree F, which means that they are possible to boil.

Thanks to the material they are very flexible and you can reach into small corners of boxes, glasses, cups, pans and pots, ensuring a deep clean.

In addition to that, you can also scrub the peel of vegetables, for example when you need to clean sandy fruit. The design helps this sponge to easily dry in the air and does not get moldy.


  • Soft and comfortable in the hand
  • Silicone does not leave scratches on the dishes
  • Can also be used to wash fruits and vegetables


  • Quite pricey compared to other sponges

3. Skura Antimicrobial Kitchen Sponge

Skura Style Sponge Set – Modern, Odor-Free Cleaning Sponges with Non-Abrasive Scouring Pad for Dishes & More- 4 Count

The Skura sponge is one of the sponges that have the ability to prevent the development of bacterial, mold and mildew. Therefore, this product can reduce bad smell during cleaning scrubbing.

This product is designed by Scandinavian kitchen style, retaining four different colors such as blue, orange, grey and green in the package.

In addition, it comes with a monogram that will slowly fade out over time, and indicate you when it is necessary to replace the sponge.

This sponge will be a safe cleaning solution for washing dishes, even you can use it for cleaning for your bathroom. Furthermore, this gentle item is harmless on the ceramics, and non-stick surfaces and tough projects.


  • Non-abrasive, safe on ceramics and non-stick surfaces such as pans
  • Produced in the USA, not in China
  • The foam dries quickly; bacteria cannot develop quickly


  • Some sponges smell after chemicals when opening the package

4. Scotch-Brite Greener Clean Kitchen Sponge

Scotch-Brite Greener Clean Non-Scratch Scrub Sponges, For Washing Dishes and Cleaning Kitchen, 6 Scrub Sponges

Scotch-Brite Greener Clean kitchen sponge is a natural product containing 100 percent biological material, with half being from agave plant fibers and others made out of recycled papers.

The company offers a different range of effective cleaning products with sustainable qualities for your entire home, especially, focus on the home cleaning needs as a kitchen. Hence, sponges help you to effectively clean your kitchenware and give a satisfying feeling for your job.

By using a sustainable package, you not only contribute friendly to the environment but also protect your health.


  • Environment-friendly as 100% of the material is plant-based
  • Packaging is environment-friendly
  • One sponge lasts over 2 months, even if used daily


  • Sponges can fall apart

5. Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Scrub Kitchen Sponge

Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Scrub Sponges, For Washing Dishes and Cleaning Kitchen, 6 Scrub Sponges

This type of sponge is specially developed to fight hard, resisting dirt like baked-on residuals. The scrubbing side is extra strong, so it is even surviving your most powerful cleaning attempts.

It can be used both for indoor kitchens and outdoor, for example, to clean your BBQ grill. This product is made from 100 percent reused content. Consequently, no new materials were needed to be produced and good for the environment.

Even though it is a heavy scrub, it also comes with the soft side to protect sensitive surfaces, making it the best tool to bring out some heavy-duty activity throughout your home.


  • Sponge lies in hand very comfortably
  • No sign of the mouldy smell
  • A sponge does not loose shape


  • Sponges may discolor

6. Multi-Purpose Scrub Kitchen Sponge

Multi-Purpose Scrub Sponges for Kitchen by Scrub- it – Non-Scratch Microfiber Sponge Along with Heavy Duty Scouring Power – Effortless Cleaning of Dishes, Pots and Pans All at Once (6 Pack , Small)

This kitchen sponge combines soft cloths and hard scrubbing scourer/microfiber cloth into one product. It allows you to hassle-free cleaning after cooking.

By using the highest quality materials, that ensure the product will be as tough as your scrubbing power and will not fall apart when you want to remove burned food.

This product contains no harmful chemicals; therefore, they have no risk to your physical health.


  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Can be washed in a laundry machine
  • Built to last long


  • Develop mold odor quickly

7. Mr. Siga Heavy Duty Kitchen Sponge

MR.SIGA Heavy Duty Scrub Sponge, 24 Count, Size:11 x 7 x 3cm, 4.3″ x 2.8″ x 1.2″

Mr. Siga Heavy Duty sponge is made in Italy, and a typical, yellow dishwashing sponge. It features a soft side and a scrubbing side. This sponge can be easy to wipe dirt and particles effectively while still protecting sensitive material such as glassware.

The S shape design makes the sponge to perfectly fit into your hand, giving you a solid grip while scrubbing and avoid that you will feel pain in your arms.

You should rinse with water after every time you use that will help the sponge to dry quickly and avoids the development of a bad smell.


  • S-Shape gives a better grip
  • Comfortable scrubbing due to ergonomic S-design
  • Very strong abrasive side


  • Sponges cannot be squeezed out totally

8. Acriliber Happy Scrub Kitchen Sponge

Daiso Set of Kitchen Sponge 6 pics and Kitchen Scrubber 2 pics

Acriliber Happy Scrub sponge is a single layer with a large size. Hence it will make you happy during a stubborn cleaning. The sponge highly protects the surfaces of glass, stainless steel, even some special material such as leather and copper.

Besides that, as its component is created with a big size, you need to spend less time on scrubbing pots, and cleaning walls, windows, floors, and work surfaces.

This product is produced by using high-quality wood pulp, that is why this item becomes friendly to the environment, and therefore many customers choose it as the first option for their kitchen.


  • Very good value for low money
  • Sponges come compressed to reduce space
  • Nice and thick, sturdy


  • They develop mold quickly

9. Cleaning Scrub Kitchen Sponge

Multi-Purpose Scrub Sponges for Kitchen by Scrub- it – Non-Scratch Microfiber Sponge Along with Heavy Duty Scouring Power – Effortless Cleaning of Dishes, Pots and Pans All at Once (6 Pack , Small)

Cleaning Scrub Kitchen Sponge is a simple, one-layer sponge. The colors may vary and you cannot choose which exact color pair you want to have.

The foamy sponges are made from wood pulp, which is full, environmental material, and hence, you do not bring any superfluous chemicals into your kitchen.

Having said that, the sponges also do not develop any unpleasant smell if you rinse them out thoroughly after every use.


  • Sponge is more effective than other brands
  • Suitable for delicate items as there won’t be scratched
  • Different colours help you to distinguish sponges for certain areas


  • Not suitable for people with large hands

10. Creative Hobbies Kitchen Sponge

Creative Hobbies Value Pack of 4 Sponges for Painting, Crafts, Grout, Cleaning & More, Synthetic Silk Sponges, Big 7.5 inch x 5 inch x 2 inch Thick

This kitchen sponge is thicker than the standard one and may also be suitable for cleaning large spaces such as BBQ grills, ovens, or countertops.

It is produced using synthetic material, which makes the sponges become soft and able to absorb plenty of water. Especially, people with larger and stronger hands will find it very comfortable to work with that sponge.

While in the package, the sponge is compressed and will unfold when it comes in contact with water. This will save you space in your storage cabinet.


  • Big sponges to quickly clean large surfaces
  • Good product for value money
  • Smart package solution due to compressed sponge


  • Can be too big for small hands

Best Kitchen Sponge – Buying Guides

There are so many different products available, so that can be difficult to find a good sponge. Out of this reason, I prepare a short buying guide for you, that help you to know how to distinguish all the offers.

Price and Quantity

Since you most likely use sponges everyday, you should buy in bigger quantities for an attractive price. Sponges are a comparatively simple product, therefore you should not spend too much money on them, especially as you are recommended to frequently replace them for hygienic reasons.


You are doing the dishes frequently, hence you should choose sponges that sit comfortably in your hand. If you have small hands, you are, of course, recommended to buy sponges in a small size, and likewise should you have large hands, buy bigger sponges.

Quality and Longevity

The only quality differences among sponges is their durability. You certainly do not want to buy a sponge that falls apart on its second day. On the other hand, you do not need to invest too much on quality as the sponges are only expected to last for maximum a month.

Double Sided

Sponges that come with a soft side to protect sensitive material, and with a hard side for scrubbing are most common in kitchen as they are very convenient. If you do not want to have many cleaning tools, then you can buy one of those sponges, combining these two functions.

Multiple Colors

When buying sponges in large quantity packs, it is very good idea to opt for multiple colors because you can then use them for different areas or materials without mistaking.


1. How to use kitchen sponge properly?

Cleaning dishes is no rocket science and pretty much everyone knows how to do. However, I will show you how to use them in a healthier and effective way:

Always make your sponge wet before adding soap
Clean your sponge in between so that you do not pass on dirt from one dish to another
After cleaning, wash out the sponge until all soap is gone and press them so that no more water is left inside.
How to store kitchen sponge?
When you finish cleaning dishes, give an extra shower to your sponge. Then rinse it out thoroughly, so that all water will drop out and store it in a dry location with plenty of air. Avoid direct sunlight as heat can support bacteria growth.

2. Can I clean sponges in the microwave?

Many people are of the opinion that the microwave is an efficient way to clean sponges and make them hygienically safe again. This is however a highly false belief as the microwave is killing mostly harmless microorganisms rather than bacteria.

That means that the harmful bacteria not only survive the microwave heat, but they also have fewer enemies remaining on the sponge and can reproduce much faster.

3. How to sanitize kitchen sponges?

Of course, kitchen sponges are free from bacteria when you buy them. Nonetheless, bacteria start to grow, particularly when the sponges are wet and food leftovers are on them. Hence, it is good to replace sponges regularly.

A good way to sanitize your sponges is boiling them in water as this is killing nearly all bacteria. Make sure to boil them for at least 5 minutes and also check that the material is safe to heat. If you have one, clean your sponges it in the dishwasher as often as possible and you can use vinegar from time to time, to disinfect your sponges.

4. How often should you replace your kitchen sponge?

You should replace your kitchen sponges between 2 weeks and one month, depending on how hard you use them and how much food gets stuck in them. If sponges start to develop a smell, it is urgent time to replace them.


In this review, you could see various sponges and their benefits, disadvantages and suitability. You now know best kitchen sponges that are sold on the e-commerce website Amazon, but maybe you still have not decided which one is the best. Let me thus help you by showing you my personal top pick.

Therefore, you are much better off investing a few minutes on finding the best kitchen sponges as you then can be sure that your beloved dishes and sensitive glassware remains without scratches and your kitchen will not become a hotel for bacteria.

I hope my article could help you a lot and also answer your questions about sponges you may have. Good luck!

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